Families can enjoy the Eid al-Fitr weekend together, with The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall offering a host of fun activities for learning, discovery and play!

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Experience incredible

The show opens from 8pm until 2am daily during Ramadan and from 4pm to 11pm during the Eid holidays.

Expo Centre Sharjah is all set to become the most visited retail and leisure destination this season, as the 16-day Ramadan Nights will begin from Thursday, June 15.

Being held as part of Sharjah Ramadan Festival organised by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ramadan Nights will incorporate all the elements

Yas Mall has announced that its shopping centre will open for 24 hours from June 25, 2017, in time for Eid Al Fitr celebrations.

The Mega Sale will last for 24 hours, although a staff at the mall said the stores will open from 10 am during the first day of Eid on June 25 and close at 12 midnight the next day. "It's actually more than 24 hours of shopping," the staff said.

Mall visitors will also be treated to some live performances,

Over 1,000 retail outlets set to offer mega savings for shoppers with discounts of 30% – 90%

Get ready for a rewarding shopping experience in Dubai at the 3-day Super Sale, a new citywide retail initiative, which kicks off on 18 May with over 1,000 outlets offering a diverse range of items from local, regional and global

For three days -- May 18 to May 20 -- shoppers will be able to enjoy 30-90 per cent discounts across Dubai, VisitDubai said on its website.

Shopping malls in Dubai will hold a three-day mega sale this month, just before Ramadan begins.

The Dubai Tourism on its

The only time of the year when shopaholic is no longer an addiction disorder and when you're totally owned by the big seasonal offers.

A Little Boring Lesson

I still remember the old times, the really old times, when we used to buy things seasonally. I also still remember when I learned how to buy things seasonally. It was the end of January and nothing left in the local vegetable market but green-leave

Be warned of fashion critiques, they are around fishing for your next fashion crime.

“Painfully horrible” whispered angry Claire to me while we were having a coffee break. She was urging me with her eye gesture to turn and look at the way a coworker dressed. Claire was extremely annoyed by the way our colleague put on her outfit together. “Yeah, Whatever,” I said driving Claire to be more annoyed

No One Wants to Be in My Shoes

It was supposed to be a light family evening in the mall, but frustration and disappointment had killed the spirit of joy. Although it doesn’t seem a big deal for many people, but it really is an issue for a hard working monthly-paid employee. I found out that I had just invested in a lifetime kitchen machine but lost AED 1,000 even before I unboxed it.

I love this machine. It has all the functions