Don't Be an Idiot, Just Find Offers

No One Wants to Be in My Shoes

It was supposed to be a light family evening in the mall, but frustration and disappointment had killed the spirit of joy. Although it doesn’t seem a big deal for many people, but it really is an issue for a hard working monthly-paid employee. I found out that I had just invested in a lifetime kitchen machine but lost AED 1,000 even before I unboxed it.

I love this machine. It has all the functions that I needed – rather my wife needed. In fact, it is the most versatile kitchen machine in the market that a housewife would dream to have in her kitchen. Yet it was so expensive for a monthly paid employee who strives to afford the rent. When I made my decision that this machine is the one that will make my wife happy and satisfy her needs in doing what she loves and aspire to do as a cook, I started looking for the best deal. After going from a shopping mall to another, bargaining with salespersons at home appliances shops, negotiating the ‘exaggerated’ price with shop managers, squeezing the budget to accommodate the new comer to the kitchen, I decided to go to the exclusive distributors of this brand because I thought that they would offer the lowest price ever. Then I bought the machine with my hard-earned money.

Two days later during the weekend, while with the family in a shopping center, I passed by an electronic shop; and shockingly enough, they displayed this very machine with a very bright red-and-orange price tag specially offering the machine in a discounted price AED 1000 less than the price I got. You can imagine my distress. Right!

How Would I Know About Deals?

A recent study conducted by found that 81% of shoppers go online to conduct research before they make a purchase. I did this. I scrutinized the product and read all reviews available. I also checked on the price, but it wasn’t discounted. The same study says that a consumer visits three shops before making a purchase. I might have visited all shops in reach in Dubai that offered the machine. Yet finding discounts and offers was still a problem for me.

Would it be more convenient to have all offers at one place? Simply, you go check on them and choose the best deal for you. However technically, this wouldn’t be achievable because offers cover all areas of the market: clothing and accessories, baby items, computer and digital devices, electronics, furniture and home, home appliances, jewelry and watches, sport equipment, toys, food and restaurants, hotel and spas, tickets and vouchers, books, and all other things that you can’t find their offers, and only offers, under one roof, making it more complicated to find all of these offers in one place.

By the same token, don’t you wish that this magical universal place that brings you all deals from around the Emirates saves you time and pain when you don’t have to drive your car there – let’s just skip the part talking about horrible traffic and parking. Add to that, you will not have to wear your light comfy shoes you bought for long distance shopping walks. Even more, no more getting lost in shops looking for something specific you have in mind. You just go there, et voila, you’ll find the deal you’re looking for. What would you say if I told you that your search is just one click away?

Back to my unfortunate story, I wish I knew there is such a place out there. I don’t regret buying this machine, but I regret not knowing about this place. It would have saved me days – and may be weeks of search, to find the best deal. After all, I needed someone to save me this struggle.

I am quite sure that there are so many of you who can relate. That feeling you get when you realize that you spent more money than you are supposed to – 1000 Dhs of hard-earned money in my case.

Fortunately, you will no longer have to go through such frustration in order to get the best offers and promotions in the market, and I am just about to tell you about my magic universal place.

Smartly Built, Conveniently Available

Offeraty is a unique website that brings brilliant eye-catching offers and deals to the screen of your device. Of course, not as many would think, Offeraty is not an online shopping website nor a group-buying site. It is a completely different experience made to plan your shopping and save time and money as it brings you all available offers and deals in the market.

It is so simple and smart; everything is tidy and neat. Offers and promotions are searchable according to their locations, shops, or categories. You also have the choice to sort or filter the results of your search to find the deals or promotions you’re looking for classified in main categories that cover fashion, shoes, health & beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, mall promotions, home furnishing & carpets, books, stationery, toys, games, anchor stores, electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, chocolates, confectionery, ice cream, and many other categories subcategories.

People at Offeraty has also thought about keeping you updated and excited. Instead of subscribing to every vendor to get their news on promotions, you only need to provide your name and email address to Offeraty and you’ll get news on the latest offers and promotions to keep the excitement on.

Offeraty has so many other features that you need to discover, but let me assure you that once you are there, you’ll be taken away by the amount of enchanting offers and deals that you care yet have no idea about. Now with this brilliant convenient way, I will rest assured and forget about paying extra money for my kitchen machine because from now on I will do my homework and check deals online at Offeraty.

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