Dress Fashionably and Avoid Them

Be warned of fashion critiques, they are around fishing for your next fashion crime.

“Painfully horrible” whispered angry Claire to me while we were having a coffee break. She was urging me with her eye gesture to turn and look at the way a coworker dressed. Claire was extremely annoyed by the way our colleague put on her outfit together. “Yeah, Whatever,” I said driving Claire to be more annoyed with my carelessness.

Back then, Claire was a twentyish young woman. She graduated college in fashion marketing, but according to what she told me, she was recently relocated to Dubai and was in a transitional period in her career and planning to pursue her dream job soon.

Claire calmly, almost discretely takes care of her body and fitness without letting all the population of planet Earth know that she is on a diet, or she is cutting carbs or fats. She stands on a solid ground and is firmly aware of where her steps are taking her.

With sparkling intelligence and unprompted brilliance, Claire used to appear to office every day supposed to dress for a normal business day. Indeed, she did, but always in a special manner that made every day for her a unique day. Defined by her average beauty as the girl next door, Claire seems elegantly effortless in her style yet unintentional in grabbing attention.

Childhood memories define the person you will be

When she knew me well enough, she openly spoke about how her passion for fashion was born. Claire still remembers that hand-made knitted sweater that she had to wear back in the early years of her childhood. It was red and green, but not the cool Christmas tree’s red-and-green. What was special about this sweater was that it wasn’t hers. Her lower middle class family used to pass a piece of garment from one generation to another.

Being the eldest sister and the second after 2 boys has its cons and bros. Claire had the chance to be the first to wear among her female siblings, however was troubled with wearing few pieces that her older brothers had already worn. Soon I realized that her genius choices in fashion came from an accumulated childhood memories. She was never born with a Gucci spoon in her mouth, nor she was able to speak Prada language in her childhood, but she struggled to be the fashionable woman that she is today.

A hardcore fashion critique

She was an outgoing woman and enjoyed a strong personality and a considerable confidence in what she knows about fashion that comes from her well-established schooling. Smartness for her is a territory of high attraction, and fearlessness is her favorite virtue when she is being a hardcore judgmental fashion critique. I honestly have never noticed other people’s style and fashion before Claire. She mentally forced me to have fun learning from others’ fashion mistakes.

Mornings after red carpet of Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Festival de Cannes, or Dubai Film Festival carried with them very special morning coffees. Sometimes copying Joan Rivers, and other times impersonating other fashion police, Claire fairly impartially addressed each of the celebrity styles, cited previous glamorous appearances of them from her brain-held archive, and condemned others for their fashion crimes.

Well-educated sane shopaholic

As she was smart enough and keen to track the market and find mall promotion offers, women fashion discounts, and shoes deals, Claire was one of the very few people I knew who subscribed to newsletter and emails from fashion and garment retailers. She downloaded almost all mobile applications of online shopping that ever existed and was a daily visitor to offer websites to avoid panic attacks of missing any deal on fashion and shoes.

After one year of working together, Claire finally found her way in the fashion industry and left her voice in my head that secretly judged other people for the way they abuse fashion. “I don’t know why on earth a PR manager would appear to work with her pajamas,” “yoga pants were never meant to be worn outside the gym,” ever said the voice of Claire in my head.

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