Dubai’S Fashion Scene Is Revolutionising The Region, According To The City’S Style Leaders

In celebration of the Fall / Winter 2017 fashion season, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishments (DFRE), an agency of Dubai Tourism, has spoken with leading Dubai-based fashion influencers who share examples of how the city appeals to the global fashion industry. With an increasing number of fashion brands entering the market and the emergence of local designers with an increasingly international presence, Dubai is quickly developing into a global fashion hub.

Below DFRE has highlight key quotes from conversations with key fashion visionaries who identify what they love most about the fashion industry in Dubai.

Ramzi Nakad, Co-Founder – BRAG and Fashion Forward

“The unbridled passion for fashion! Being an emerging market, it is exciting to see all the burgeoning talent who are full of promise and creativity, who are just starting to surface and define themselves, unjaded by the tolls of the industry. They are full of positive energy and at the tipping point of what is yet to come. I think that we are in a very privileged position where we are able to shape, nurture and develop these talents, defining and creating our own unique footprint rather than following the more “established” fashion cities. Consumers in turn embrace and take pride in supporting regional brands, looking for a sense of individuality and a means to express themselves in a way that is original, authentic and representative of the region’s vibrant sensibility. It’s exciting and rewarding to see this ecosystem coming together for what is just the beginning of an evolving creative journey!”

Raza Beig, CEO – Splash and Iconic

“The Dubai fashion market is so big now that it almost rivals markets like the UK and Europe - more and more fashion brands are paying attention to Dubai and likewise global fashionistas are visiting the city for the retail choices available here. The multicultural mix in Dubai plays a big part in the boom and I think the whole ‘glocal’ philosophy really epitomises Dubai.”

Furne One, Creative Director – Amato Couture

“Dubai’s fashion industry is exciting and unexpected. The city’s fashion community is rapidly growing and is very diverse; it is a melting pot of different inspirations, creativity and individuality.”

Mukta Shahdadpuri, Head Stylist and Fashion Consultant – The Style Circuit

“Although the Dubai fashion industry is in its nascent stages, it epitomises facets of so many different cultures and ethnicities. As a result, it provides an excellent platform for homegrown designers and local talent.”

Zayan Ghandour, Co-Founder, Creative Director and Head Buyer at sauce and Founder and Designer of Zayan the Label

“I love that there is such a rich and supportive community of growing talent reaching out to one another and paving their own ways from the heart of the city. There are pockets of artistic communities and creativity all around Dubai and if one knows where to look, it’s a huge inspiration and network of support for the fashion industry.”

Nicole Majdalany, Stylist and Personal Shopper – Nicole On Trend

“What I love most about Dubai fashion is that we are now getting many top designer brands’ new collections showcased in Dubai FIRST! We are also so lucky to have many of the top fashion designers visit us here in Dubai regularly and I often get to meet them and discuss the next season’s trends. Dubai is a hub for so many people both living here and transiting through and it offers all the trendiest fashion brands and can now compete with any of its counterparts in New York, London or Paris. It’s an exciting time for fashion in Dubai and I feel so lucky to be part of it.”

Firras Al Wahabi, CEO of Faux Consultancy

“What I love about the fashion industry in Dubai is that there is the balance between an appreciation of the international powerhouse designers and the support and growth of the emerging regional talent!”

Salama Khalfan, Founder and Creative Director – Alezan by SK

“In Dubai “tout est possible”! I love the fact that the energy of possibility runs through the DNA of this city and it stands as a wonderful example to that. It fuels my creations, and is extremely powerful.”

With a continuously flourishing fashion scene and the availability of the hottest collections of the season available on stands, residents and tourists always have reasons to shop!

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