Get your own restaurant ordering app from 9$

Attention Restaurant and Coffee Shop owners and managers, now you can get your branded restaurant ordering app at the price of your daily coffee.

What you heard is right, now you can forget about revenue share and the monthly commission you pay to food aggregators, you can get your own restaurant ordering app from 9 usd a day, at zero commission and zero setup fee without moving your finger with, you will start generating online revenues in 9 days only.

“During these uncertain times, F&B business is facing huge challenges globally, food aggregators commission is too high, most of restaurant owners can’t afford deploying professional ordering apps, this is where is coming from, together we fight the revenue share and the crazy cost of professional apps deployments, you can get your branded restaurant app in 9 days at no commission and for just 9 usd a day, cancellation anytime, we never compromise on our apps quality” Adam A.M. VP of Customers Success at

With global hubs in Florida, Dubai and Singapore, helps restaurant owners worldwide to increase their online revenues while owning their customers relationship, these restaurant apps will support 7+ languages, in App animation, Notifications and broadcast, Order Tracking, Receiving Franchise requests, Dark and Light Mode and much more, Using next generation cloud technologies, your restaurant app will reflect the image of your brand identity, colors, look and feel, your customers will feel credibility and being taken care of. has also launched its own QR digital menu generator for free, now restaurant owners and managers worldwide can easily create their digital menu online in any language and get their QR Code menu and web link for free.

Whether you are interested in your branded restaurant app or your free web QR menu, you can find all the details at website.

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